Product Description

Economy Model Shrink Packaging Machine

We, Join Pack Machines Pvt. Ltd. are among the principal ‘shrink packaging machines manufacturers’ in the industry. We offer economy model shrink packaging machine which is of tunnel model and serves many general wrapping requirements. Its application areas are Bottles, Stationery, Cosmetics, Sweets, Welding Rods, Gift packets, Confectionery and many others. The economy model shrink packaging machine also has a temperature controller, which ensures the accuracy of the temperature inside the tunnel. Its compact, rugged and heavy-duty construction makes its the ideal choice of clients. The machinery is a complete cost saver and decreases the overall maintenance cost as well. It has a sturdy steel base and an semi-automatic operation, which delivers clean, neat and wrinkle-less wrapping.

Features of Shrink Packaging Machine (Economy Model)

  • Accurate and reliable temperature controller for the tunnel
  • Suitable for wrapping bottles, stationery, cosmetics and other products
  • Roller conveyor, can be supplied with the option of variable speed
  • Machine increases the sales appeal, prevents pilferage and cuts down the overall packing cost

Product details

TypeShrink Wrapping Machine