Product Description

Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine 

We at Join Pack Machines (pvt.) Ltd. in cooperation with our R&D team, have been persevering to innovate and develop technology pertaining to Stretch Wrapping Machines which are engineered based on leading-edge technology in order to facilitate the mechanized handling of  small packages which are staked on the pallets for being wrapped. The growth of our company heavily depends on whether we can satisfy the clients’ expectation and demands of quality and prices, so we consider the customers the most significant factor in making every manufacturing decision. Taking the cognizance of application requirement, productivity expectation, budgetary constraint and desired attributes, we manufacture Stretch Wrapping Machines consisting of a strong carriage for fill roll, rotation and feed mechanisms along with controller to regulate the rotating and feeding processes, therefore our models of Machines guarantees not only efficient wrapping performance but also completely streamlined & controlled operations. As a result, Our Stretch Wrapping Machines and other packaging machinery become the focus of reliability and preference because of our commitment to their top quality.

Why JPM Stretch Wrapping Machine ?

  • We have tie-up with Jia-In Industry Co. Ltd., Taiwan for Strapping & Wrapping Machines.
  • All the packing machines manufactured by Jia-In comply with the ISO 9002 & the GS Standards.
  • We promote AAA Pack Tech’s Shrink Systems for Multi-Packing of all kind of Food & Stationery Items, etc.
  • Our firm is also a distributor of L-Sealers & Tunnels for High Speed Shrinking with Polyolefin Films of Chan-Yeh.

Design Features of Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine:

  • Heavy duty chain drive.
  • Tension to loading adjustable.
  • Electronic magnetic brake system.
  • Auto film clamp, cut and wiper system.
  • Auto sensor for loading height detect.
  • 3 auto wrapping programs, user friendly.
  • Turnable & film carriage speed adjustable.
  • Turntable soft star, stop and home position.
  • Remote control, time saved & efficiency increased.

Other Key Features:

  • LED panel
  • Heat shrink tunnel
  • Auto reset of turn-table
  • Full automatic function
  • Customizable option
  • Auto-pallet height detection
  • Excellent safety system provided
  • Excellent designed on customers requirements
  • High efficiency and Low power consumption
  • PLC control system with stable and reliable performance
  • Easy to operate & Suitable for all kinds of packaging
  • Manual and Automatic changing at any time
  • Tension of the film can be adjustable according to requirement

Key Specifications:

Wrapping Height2100 mm (2400mm)
Turntable Diameter.1500 mm (1800mm)
Max. Package Weight2000 kgs
Turntable Speed2~15R.M.P(adjustable)
Film Carriage Speed1.8~3m/min(adjustable)
Power Consumption2.5kw
Power Supply110/220/240V,50/60Hz,1PH
Film Reel Core I.D.76×500(W)mm
Layout Dimension2800(L) X 1510 (W) X 2570 (H)mm
3100 (L) X 1810 (W) X 2570 (H)mm
Machine Weight850kgs
Pre-stretch ratio50,100,150,200%


  • Power pre-stretch system.
  • 50%, 100%, 150%, 200%(specified)
  • Note:50% mean 1M pre-stretched to 1.5M.
  • Top press platen.
  • Air pump.

Range Available:

  • Semi-auto Pallet Wrapper
  • Basic Automation Pallet Stretch Wrappers
  • 3 Dimensional Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine
  • Roller Conveyor Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machines
  • Semi-auto Advanced Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine
  • Rotating Fully Auto Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machines

Application Area:

  • Food, beverage, chemical, commodity, electronic, electrical, paper, ceramics, bulk cargo wrapping, logistics packaging and other industries

Packaging & Delivery:

  • Packaging Detail:     Wooden case
  • Delivery Detail:        15 to 30 working days after received down payment